Instagram Reels

How was your 2020?

At the end of 2020, we asked our artists to share their wrap-up of the year by answering a few simple and relatable questions, like „Best series or movie of the year?“, „Comfort food of the year?“ or „Guilty pleasure of the year?“

As a result, we launched a series of Reels videos on our Instagram page, edited in the style of an incoming call. The series was a success – most Reels surpassed 1k views, were shared and liked by artists and fans alike.

Check out the whole series of 19 Reels here.

Instagram Live

Spring Sessions x KALTBLUT

In spring 2020, amidst the shock of the very fist lockdown, we started looking for opportunities to support our artists while at the same time spreading positive vibes. That’s how we came up with the idea of Spring Sessions: weekly live streamed concerts on Instagram, organized in cooperation with Berlin’s tastemaker KALTBLUT Magazine. A total of six sessions were live streamed via KALTBLUT and then saved on their IGTV, reaching ca. 20k viewers in total.

Look back at the sessions here.