Private Consultation

Need an overview of how the music industry works and who the key players are? Need help setting up your online profile? Want in-depth advice on marketing and PR? We offer private consultations where we focus specifically on you and what you need! Whether you’re looking for a one-time consultation or an ongoing collaboration, book your first session now and we’ll figure out the rest together!


Your Experts

Steffi von Kannemann

Steffi von Kannemann was the founder and co-owner of Berlin based music agency Nordic by Nature, before she founded her new company Better Things in 2020. With a degree in Sociology and Political science, Steffi has since worked more than a decade in the fields of Project & Event management, Marketing, PR and consulting. Through her diverse work she has gained a great insight of how the music industry works (and doesn’t work) and what is needed in order to create a healthy, inspiring and successful future industry. The keywords she refers to are knowledge and professionalism! Following her obsession with emerging trends of the digital media world, Steffi is now focusing on Better Independent, a knowledge hub for artists, to share her experience and give away useful information to inspire artists to be successful.

Anna Dungal

Since falling in love with the music industry after getting a job ripping ticket stubs at an Antony and the Johnsons concert at 13 years old, Anna Dungal has acquired extensive experience in the music industry and event production. As co-founder of monthly concert series Basement Bash, production manager for Midsommar Festival, artist liaison at Iceland Airwaves, songwriting camp coordinator, workshop host, corporate events manager and much more, she has gained a well-rounded insight into most aspects of the industry, with special focus on festival production, stage management, booking and marketing. While earning her degree in Music Business at BIMM Berlin, Anna noticed how many of her artist friends were lacking knowledge and tools on how to navigate our often confusing industry. Her final project was developing and teaching a workshop on the topic, an idea that fit in perfectly with Better Things’s concept ”Better Independent” where Anna is now Head of Department.

Feedback on previous knowledge sessions

“An inspiring, in-depth and eye-opening session even if you already know a lot about your different possibilities. One eye-opening aspect was the perspective of engaging a smaller fan base instead of focusing on reaching out to as many as possible. 10/10, would recommend.”

Majorelle Blue

“What stood out was the info and the homework on unique selling point, elevator pitch and EPK. A good start out in these workshops, and the feedback was great! I would definitely recommend this to other artists yes!”

Aurelia Dey

“I’m really glad that we had the luxury to participate in these exclusive webinars – with time to ask questions and with a more personal touch than it would maybe be with an audience. The webinars were really effective and I got a lot of inspiration from them. I’ve brought so many valuable notes from this that I will look through from time to time to get back the drive to start up new ideas and projects!”

Mira Aasma