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Sabrina Bellaouel

Latest single: „Trust“ (20/10/2022)
Album: Al Hadr (03/03/2023)

Latest single: „Trust“ (20/10/2022)
Album: Al Hadr (03/03/2023)

Born, raised and based in Bagneux, outside the southern périphérique of Paris, Sabrina Bellaouel lives between worlds. At home, her Algerian heritage and Muslim faith have fused tight familial bonds and a keen sense of history and culture; as “Berbers”, she speaks French and Arabic. In her headphones, she finds comfort in the sparse experimentalism of Radiohead and romantic tales of Jill Scott. On the hot club dance floors of Paris, driving house beats connect her to her body. Her debut album, showcasing her unique style of electronic R&B, is set for release on March 3rd, 2023, via InFiné.


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