Project Description

Latest release: October pack (30/10/2020)
Album: Home of Sanity (tbc)

Latest release: October pack (30/10/2020)
Album: Home of Sanity (tbc)

Alternative bedroom producer Oscar Anton started a tough challenge this year: releasing one 3-track-EP every month. Signed at 20 years old with Polydor-Universal, the young songwriter-producer chose a few months ago, at 23, to quit his former label, create his own, and follow his intuition. Since January, he is releasing one pack (2 songs + 1 bonus) every month, 100% written, recorded and produced from his Parisian bedroom turned into a studio. By doing so, he aims at sharing his music as spontaneously as possible every last Friday of the month, for a year. Seven months into this project called “Home of Sanity”, Oscar already gained over 2M streams, 3M views on Youtube and over 180k monthly listeners on Spotify.


PR: Album (online, print, radio)
Label: OA Records
Press contact: Darya