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Latest single: „Rear View“ (17/03/2023)
Album: tba

Latest single: „Rear View“ (17/03/2023)
Album: tba

After the release of her debut album The Revelations of Love in October 2021 and dealing with the unforgiving lows of the music industry and the pandemic in the interim, Norwegian pop witch Moyka is back, and ready to launch her incredible new era. Revitalised, with a new album on the way later this year the first taste of it comes on 17 March with the cinematic sad banger „Rear View“. „Rear View“ is a stunning, thunderous introduction to Moyka’s new music. Written with Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvedt & Anders Kjær (Dagny), it takes Moyka’s influences such as Charli XCX, Grimes and Pink Pantheress and pushes them to the limit – the beats are relentless, the synths maxed out, it requires playing at full volume.


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