Album: „King Of A Tragedy“ (08/04/2022)

Album: „King Of A Tragedy“ (08/04/2022)

Swedish vocal sensation Isak Danielson is back with his first single from the upcoming album „King Of A Tragedy“. Isak shares: „Good Things Come To Those Who Wait is one of the biggest songs I’ve ever written. It’s about the road to success, to get where you want to go and what you have to sacrifice to get there”. Isak has previously been synched in shows Revolution, Love Island (CA) and Fox Sports (US). With three albums, an overwhelming figure of over 250 million streams (on Spotify only), 2M monthly listeners, a viral success on TikTok, over a quarter of a million followers on YouTube and a huge number of followers in social media, it stills seems like we’re just seeing the beginning of a fantastic career for Isak Danielson.


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