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Latest single: „Swole“ (19/03/2021)
EP: “TIMEPIECE“ (07/05/2021)

Latest single: „Swole“ (19/03/2021)
EP: “TIMEPIECE“ (07/05/2021)

Delara grew up in the tiny Norwegian town of Nes, a small Scandinavian hamlet. Brought up by her family who have roots in Iran, she was exposed to many different cultures which have provided unique inspiration all leading to her stunning individuality. Her music carries a strong message of female empowerment, her silky hypnotising vocals carry catchy and powerful lyrics, all tied together with weightless production, Pinning herself as one to watch. New EP ‘Timepiece’ is the follow up to Delara’s previous EP ‘Et Lite Stykke Norge” (A small piece of Norway), a release that reflected how she felt as an independent minority Woman in Norway.


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