Project Description


Latest single: „Need To Talk“ (22/02/2023)
EP: tba

Latest single: „Need To Talk“ (22/02/2023)
EP: tba

Creams aka Natia Chichinadze is cementing herself as an underground fashion and cultural icon with her impressive creative output as part of a new generation of young people in Tbilisi exploring and developing their own scene within a highly politically charged climate. Owning every aspect of her art, skilfully writing, playing, and producing all records herself from concept, to master, to visual accompaniment, Creams constructs musical worlds from myths, dreams, and literary ideas, citing inspiration from an eclectic range of influences such as Joni Mitchell, Captain Beefheart, FKA Twigs, Tarantino, the work of 14th-century novelist Giovanni Bocaccio and the beautiful landscapes and endless horizons of her hometown.


PR: online, radio, print
Label: AWAL
Press contact: Simone