Latest single: „know that you’re not alone“ (01/11/2023)
Album:  tba

Latest single: „know that you’re not alone“ (01/11)
Album:  tba


If you were to hold a mirror up to the most pleasing and defining aspects of Gen Z and amalgamate them into one picture-perfect pop star, it’s unlikely you’d get a closer reflection of their fluid intersections than Cat Burns. Cat is a 23-year-old-platinum-selling singer-songwriter from Streatham, South London. Her artistry is defined by elegant, frank, conversational lyrics and melodies so instantly familiar they feel like they’ve been plucked from the sky. A BRIT School alumni, Cat emerged on everyone’s radar due to success of her viral hit „go“. Originally released in 2020, „go“ became a phenomenon on TikTok in early 2020, taking Cat from her bedroom in Streatham to #2 on the Official Single Chart.

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Label: RCA
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