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Caroline Rose

Latest single: „Miami“ (19/01/2023)
Album: The Art of Forgetting (24/03/2023)

Latest single: „Miami“ (19/01/2023)
Album: The Art of Forgetting (24/03/2023)

American songwriter/producer Caroline Rose returns in 2023 with their brand new album „The Art of Forgetting“. „The Art of Forgetting“ is a pivotal release for Rose––an artist whose wit and satirical storytelling have made them a name in the indie music scene. It’s an album teeming with raw, intense emotion. Layers of vocal arrangements from Balkan-influenced yawps to Gregorian autotune choirs, acoustic instrumentation chopped and mangled like a glitching memory, and dreamlike synths push and pull to create a hugely dynamic soundscape. Lyrically, the album includes the type of confessional honesty we’ve only caught glimpses of in Rose’s previous work.


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