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Bon Jour

Latest single: „And So We Met Again“ (17/03/2023)
EP: tba

Latest single: „And So We Met Again“ (17/03/2023)
EP: tba

Bon Jour is a 3D alternative pop band from Austria that merges real and virtual worlds in their performance. Bon Jour had their live debut supporting alt-J in front of 5.000 people. Their first single „Blue Moon“, released shortly after, reached number 1 in the FM4 charts. Their second single „All I Know“ followed at #5 and surprised with a music video generated by AI. Whoever thinks that such a start only works with a major label behind them is more than wrong. For Bon Jour, DIY is in the foreground: self-produced and self-managed, they run their own label and create their graphics and videos internally. And with their international sound, it is mono surprise that they are already considered as one of the most exciting music projects of 2023.


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Label: Bon Jour Records
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