The Story Behind is a podcast where musicians tell the story of their journey in music. How did they get started? What was the first song they ever wrote? And what’s something they wish they’d known from the beginning? Through this podcast we want to give artists a space to personally speak to our listeners about the feelings, achievements and struggles of becoming a musician to give fans a chance to get to know their favourite artists better. We guarantee some laughs, inspiring advice and never-heard-before stories.

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Better Independent podcast presents interviews with music industry insiders and independent musicians, discussing all things music biz. When do you need a manger – and how do you find a good one? What is sync exactly and how do you get your song featured on, say, “Grey’s Anatomy”? How to navigate all the different social media platforms as an artist? What are the common financial mistakes that artists make and how to avoid them? What do you need to know about distributing your music online? Take a listen to Better Independent to find out answers to these and many other questions, hearing directly from music business experts and successful independent artists like Daði Freyr, Adaline, Babeheaven, Florence Arman & more!

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