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The Better Independent podcast is part of an innovative initiative by Berlin-based music agency, Better Things. With weekly episodes featuring both industry insiders and established artists, we aim to be an educational platform for discussion and innovation in the music industry. 
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Listen to Episode 6 here

This week, Anna is talking to Social Media expert extraordinaire Joe Howden from Dark Arts Digital. At One Little Indian, Joe worked with many big artists, chief among them Björk, and since founding Dark Arts, has added artists such as Pete Doherty, Genesis and Pet Shop Boys to his roster. This is episode is a great foundations for anyone looking for in-depth tips and tricks on the various social media platforms and how to navigate them.

Listen to Episode 5 here

In this episode Steffi invited Ziemba, aka René Kladzyk to the Better Independent Podcast to talk about how to create a new sustainable music industry. Ziemba is an El Paso based musician and writer who just released her new record “True Romantic” on Sister Polygon Records, a collection of unabashed love songs. René also works as a journalist for El Paso Matters and frequently reports on the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. She is also an advocate for a music industry reform, creator of the Future Music Industry List (a compendium of music industry orgs run by women and non-binary people), co-author of a music industry investigation in partnership with TCI, and author of a guide for how to build the music industry we want and need. In the podcast Steffi and René talk about diversity, professionalism in the music industry and how to be an entrepreneur as an artist.

Better Independent Podcast with Terese Gustafsson on Sync

Listen to Episode 4 here

This is an amazing episode for anyone who’s looking to learn more about SYNC. Our guest is Terese Gustafsson, Pusher’s European Creative Manager as well as freelance assisting coordinator for film & TV. In this episode Terese and Anna break down what sync is all about, what a sync agents are looking for and they go through every step an artists should think of if they’re looking to get into it. Terese even offered you, our listeners to get in touch if you want to pitch her music!

Better Independent Podcast with Eurovision star Daði Freyr

Listen to Episode 3 here

In this episode, Anna is speaking to viral superstar Daði Freyr! They discuss the success of his track “Think About Things”, how Daði got to where he is and why he’s chosen to stay independent. This episode is full of advice for anyone wondering how to take advantage of sudden online success, especially when it comes to various online platforms. Also – ever wondered what two Icelandic people talking English sounds like? Tune in!

Better Independent Podcast with Joe Sparrow on Making Money With Online Platforms

Listen to Episode 2 here

In our first ever long-form episode, Anna is talking to the ever inspiring Joe Sparrow. Joe is an incredibly well versed music industry insider – he’s worked as a manager, radio plugger, the European representative for Hype machine, university teacher at BIMM Berlin and now a music journalist for MusicAlly. On this episode we discuss how to use COVID as an opportunity to find the right platform for you to connect with your audience, whether that be for live streaming or social media, and how to monetise them!

Better Independent Podcast Team

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