Better Things has teamed up again with Swedish educational institute Sensus for DIE NEUEN SCHWEDEN 2021. The successful project will return in September for the 7th time! This year as a combination of digital knowledge program and live event.

The project will give three solo artists, bands, orchestras, or whatever setup you might have, the possibility to learn about the German music market and  to perform live in Berlin in front of a professional audience.

As Corona forced us to cancel last year’s event we decided to bring 2020 and 2021 together and give all 6 bands the chance to play and turn it to a 1-day festival. If you want to enjoy this essence of Swedish pop culture and vibe with us a little, then please sign up for the guestlist HERE.

*Please note: Guestlist spots are limited, so please make sure to be quick. We also ask you to only sign up to the event, if you are really planning to come. As the situation with Corona is unpredictable, we won’t be able to be super generous with letting more people in than signed to the list. Thanks for your understanding. 

Here’s the jury of Die Neuen Schweden:

Mary Lou Hafner (Roof Music/ Valeria Music Group)
Achan Malonda (Singer/ songwriter, moderator, activist)
Andreas Oberschelp (Puschen)
Mareike Hettler (Grönland)
Daniel Meinel (FluxFM)
Antonio Cardenas (Heartfelt Management)
Darya Kulinka (Better Things)

April – May: Application round & Introduction

  • April 14: Sensus Talks – DNS in Webinar (live)
  • April 25: Application end
  • May: Jury is selecting the artists for Die Neuen Schweden 2021

June – August: Digital program

  • June: 2 x digital workshops to prepare for the German music market 
  • August: Digital workshop & panel discussion

September: Live program

  • 1- day Showcase festival (Badehaus, 08.09.2021- doors: 18:00)
  • Music Industry Crawl: One on One Meetings with music industry people
  • Live Sessions
  • Visit to a Recording studio
  • Mash ups with Berlin artists



Stockholm based Soul and R&B artist Nápoles convey warmth and empowerment through her music. Her soft voice and dreamy melodies take us on a journey through time and space. Her debut EP ‘Slowin It’ got nominated for best Hip Hop / R&B at the renowned Swedish ‘P3 Guld’ gala and is currently nominated for Soul / R&B of the year at the Swedish Grammy Awards that will take place in June 2021. Following up her acclaimed debut EP, Nápoles recently released a new single ‘Know My Place’ with captivating 00s inspired visuals.  

Nápoles is no stranger to the music scene in Stockholm, as she’s commonly known as a music tastemaker, highlighting other talents from around the globe. As 1/3 of the creative collective Ladieslovehiphop, Nápoles and her childhood friends Namarijana and Miss Cc, have been spinning records, throwing an array of parties and community driven cultural experiences in Sweden since 2014. The trio now operates as a collective and is currently acting as the independent label and creative force behind Napolés musical journey. 


MANX is playful, RnB-infused art-pop by Gothenburg based producer Maria Nyström. Focused on exploring the senses and the wild and vivid fantasies of the mind, she strives to make sonic and visual little thematic dreamworlds for the listener to get lost in.  Maria  has been making eccentric pop music since she was 15 years old. In 2010, Swedish media named her “the uncrowned queen of loops” as she struck crowds with fascination over her live-looping, under the epithet The Naima Train. In 2017, she reinvented her artistic persona; the project MANX was born out of the longing of ​​full artistic freedom. A space where Maria’s music and art could be completely unleashed and grow into a lush jungle of creative impulses.

As MANX, Maria produces settings in her own biodiverse universe of samples and synths. She also makes artwork to go along with the songs, so the route from her vision to the audience is as direct as possible, no detours. The music is straight forward but artsy, rhythmically flirty, and filled with details that will make the listener both relax and be on their toes at the same time. The ocean-themed debut EP „Shell“ was released in 2019, and was welcomed with much love by Swedish listeners and press, who called the songs “Addictive” and „Lounge music that refuses to be in the background“.

Aurelia Dey

Aurelia Dey describes herself as a black-feminist. She is a dancehall and afrobeat artist that toasts/raps, sings, dances, acts and produces music. Her songs and live shows are a blissful mix between heavy base, decisive rap, energetic dance and spiritual soul voicing. She was born and raised in Mölndal (Sweden), but her parents are from Ghana.

Her Swedish debut album ”Gyllene Tider” was released in 2015 and was nominated in the category ”Best rytm” at Manifestgalan. In 2017 she released the Swedish EP ”Alpha Vol.1” produced by André Roots and Melisha Linell. In 2019 she won ”Best Female Act” and ”Best Stage Performer” at the Scandinavian Afrobeats Music Awards. She made her acting debut in ”Woza Albert!” at Vällingby Stadsteater in December 2019. Aurelia also runs ”The Dancehall college” in Gothenburg and the youth-tour ”Alpha In The Making”.

She also hosts the web show ”Sunday Service Talks” which is released on IGTV every other Sunday. With guests such as the artist Nayomi, the lecturer Salem Yohannes and the culture profile Segal Mohamed, the purpose is to be a platform for the African diaspora. Read a portrait about Aurelia on 365femaleMcs here.


Spunsugar works at a faster pace than a lot of their shoegaze peers and accompanied by electronic drums. They are more often compared to Curve, Swervedriver or Ringo Deathstarr rather than the likes of Cocteau Twins or Slowdive. Mixed with these soundscapes there’s a poppy, focused sound to their melodic but danceable music. Although heavy on effects, nothing is hidden within the music, including the lyrics. The lyrics are heavy with pop cultural references, stemming from Cordelia’s love for obscure genre films. Often driven by riffs rather than soundscapes, they focus equally on having a prominent bass as well as prominent guitars.

Majorelle Blue

Swedish, Malmö based dorks Majorelle Blue play overdriven, synth and just plain unpretentious garage pop with a laid-back strength and influences from your run of the mill indies, lo-fis and shoe gazes of the nineties and noughties. When playing live they bring an energetically homely presence with sticky melodies that you’ll probably won’t be able to hum out of your head weeks after you’ve left the gig.

Since their first EP release in 2018, a lot has happened. In early 2020 they released their single „Not as cool (as Kathleen Hanna)“ that was praised by some of Sweden’s most prominent music blogs, as well as legendary music journalist Per Sinding Larsen. A trip to England and a tour in Malmö was to follow, but we all know how those plans went by now. Instead, they decided to record a new EP. „Nostalgia Porn“ was released via Svart Kaffe Records in July 2020 and is their most pointed release to date. The guitars are trashier, the synths “synthier” and all the edges sharpened in what the band jokingly calls a „breakup EP“ that isn’t about breakup and heartache.


Raised in a house deep inside the forests of Sweden, Mira Aasma’s biggest inspiration has always been nature and mysticism. She’s a self-taught and empowered music producer with a valid network. Her music is a playful balance between straight-up pop and sound art, live recorded instruments and cheap drum machines. Telling stories from a dark shimmering dreamworld, transporting the listener between oceans and forests, streets and bars. The new album „Daydreams“ will be self-released on 27th of August.