Release and promote your music independently

The opportunities for independent artists have never been greater. Musicians can directly release and market their music through their own social channels and build a loyal fan base without a label. However, it is at least as important to get media outlets to introduce you to the general public. After all, who wouldn’t want to hear their own single on the radio or give interviews about their new album?

But a professional PR and marketing campaign can be very costly, which makes many musicians despair about promotion. We want to change that and use our expertise as a professional PR agency to help you market your album or single successfully and, above all, affordably. From creating your personal release strategy and choosing the right media formats, to a professional check up of your digital profiles and the perfect Spotify pitch for your single, we give you all the useful tools to get started. We promise you, promotion can be fun and can boost your self-confidence as a musician.

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