Better Things is a music agency based in the heart of Berlin. We offer full-service promotion for artists and music brands, including online, radio, print and TV. As an agency that enjoys digital progress, we are constantly working on new strategies to connect artists and media in order to create sustainable and inspiring partnerships for both sides. In 2020 we also launched Better Independent, a knowledge hub and educational platform. With our weekly podcast, private consultations and online knowledge sessions we empower independent artists and give them the tools they need to succeed. 


With more than 10 years of experience as a PR agency focused on promoting music in GSA, we have gained a strong network of journalists, tastemakers, clients and artists. By running campaigns for international talents such as Rosalía, King Princess, Aurora, Joesef, Fishbach, L’Impératrice, Agar Agar, Jorja Smith, MorMor, Kelsey Lu and more, we have become experts at creating buzz for newcomers and enabling their breakthrough. We believe that great promotion consists of authentic storytelling, a creative mindset, reliable work ethic and a tenacious but friendly approach. Depending on different artist profiles, strategies and targets, we are constantly developing customized PR packages for our clients. Offering full promotion packages for online, print, radio & TV, as well as highly effective tastemaker packages, we are able to cover a wide range of campaigns, both for established artists as well as newcomers. If this speaks to you, please get in touch – we are happy to hear from you!

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To celebrate our relaunch, we have prepared these awesome socks. You can get a pair for €9 (plus shipping costs) – just drop us a message. All profits go to Kältebus, an initiative of Berlin City Mission that supports homeless people during the cold months by driving them to a safe overnight accommodation.

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Better Independent is a new project developed by Better Things to empower independent artists and give them the tools they need to build a career on their own terms, with a strong focus on the German market. With our podcast, exclusive consulting services, online knowledge sessions, and various other resources, we want to help you to identify exciting opportunities and make better decisions.

The arrival of Covid-19 has been a blow to us all. It has shown us the importance of new strategies in order to create a more sustainable and mindful music industry. Exciting new platforms and companies are being founded and the market is now offering fantastic opportunities for independent artists to build a career and make a living. It’s hard though to identify all the available opportunities without guidance.

With Better Independent, our goal is to connect independent artists with the music industry. We are here to answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable and inspired. Whether you want to get a simple overview of the key players, want to have a better understanding of the finer workings of the industry, have better control over your career, make better money, or build a better community – by connecting with us, you’ll be Better Independent.

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